Public launch of Transactional

From idea to product ✨

The problem

In my projects, I founded that this task was not only tedious but also time-consuming. Additionally, it's always challenging to maintain and improve the generated PDFs.

Depending on the programming language used, generating a PDF can be more or less complex. Generally, there are two approaches : converting HTML/CSS into a PDF file or manually defining the position of each element.

I used to spend hours trying to create invoices positioning each element pixel by pixel (and that was not the right way to do it!). Indeed, at this time I was using php and it wasn't obvious, I wasted hours on this low added value task.

The worst part of all of it, was that despite the time invested in this task, the result was not always fine because it was super hard to put in place...

The Goal

Create a product that allows devs to generate beautiful PDF documents in minutes.

To achieve this goal, I've founded relevant to adopt transactional emails as principle, as I find that managing templates directly from a tool is a very optimal solution.

Before starting this project, I dreamed of integrating CSS frameworks like Tailwind to adopt the same workflow as in front-end and save time in development.

I suffered for hours trying to make fonts compatible with my HTML/CSS to PDF converter (DomPDF at the time). As a result, it was also very important for me to simplifie font management.

Therefore, it was only natural for Tailwind and Bootstrap and all the fonts from Google Fonts to be integrated by default and accessible with one click in Transactional template editor to make developers' lives more pleasant.

Thus, the value is twofold, in both template management and PDF document generation.

This is the start of a great adventure, and I'm eager to read your feedbacks.

Published on 2024-04-29 22:50